A designer in the making

Apr 15, 2023

A remote pastoralist community living on the summit of the Ndoto Mountains in northern Kenya, have welcomed the Tropic Air helicopters and our guests on countless occasions. We land here on the grassy glades on route to the deserts of the north, because its such a beautiful (and cool) spot that overlooks the low arid lands of Samburu, and because the people that live here are exceptionally hospitable.

On our last visit we were overwhelmed by a little boy who showed us a carved wooden helicopter that he had hand crafted – a perfect replica of our H130! WOW! Although we stop regularly, its usually for just a short 20 minute break, and hardly enough time to do a study of the machine (you’d think!). The boy is deaf, and it is his friends who alert him to the sounds of the helicopter landing – and a small crowd of excited children sprint to landing spot. This boys talent clearly is natural and intrinsic, and we can’t wait to see what his next creation might be!

Photos: Jamie Roberts