Serengeti @ John Moller


Helicopter Safaris

A country with so much variety, space and richness of life, with the expansive Serengeti plains (the epitome of ‘safari’), and the magnificent and vast Ngorongoro Crater – which together support over 2 million wild animals and hosts the great wildebeest migration. This is one of the world’s most favoured places to visit and thrilling by helicopter with the freedom to cover the vast distances, flying low to make the most of the stunning landscapes.

Off the beaten track

Staying in a collection of the best lodges and tented camps that African has to offer, our helicopter safaris also bring in some hidden and unexpected experiences, including the flamingo shoes of Lake Natron, the active mountain of Oldonyo Lengai, and the archeological site of Laetoli where earliest sign of mankind lies in the form of hominid footprints.