Aberdare Range, Kenya @ Martin Seth-Smith

Aerial filming & Photography

Opportunities for aerial filming in East Africa are second to none, and Tropic Air provides an outstanding aerial filming platform for wildlife documentaries and feature films. Mostly using a cineflex camera mounted on the nose of the helicopter, our pilots have over 15 years of aerial filming and photography flying experience, and Tropic Air has gained an excellent reputation for its capability in this field.

Lesser Flamingo at Lake Logipi @ Michael Poliza

Outstanding Cinematography

We have been fortunate to work closely with award winning aerial camera specialist Simon Werry, and produced many BBC series together including the ‘Africa’ and ‘Life’ series’, and most recently ‘Elephant Family and Me’ with Gordon Buchanan presenting. We have also worked closely, and continue to do so, with Disney, NatGeo and TerraMatte.

Aerial photography at its best

For the last 12 years Tropic Air has flown Michael Poliza - a world acclaimed professional photographer, with an eye for aerial shots. Many of his spectacular photos of dramatic landscapes that appear in his 'Kenya' book were taken out of the open doors of our helicopter, and several also feature in this website.