Cessna Caravan, @ Tim Mwangi

Our Fleet

Tropic Air has a fleet of 12 fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, based at Nanyuki Airfield in the heart of Kenya.

We use the Airbus H125 and H130 helicopters - they have an unmatched ability to operate in hot and dusty conditions, and at high altitude. We have a range of Cessna aircraft - all single engine, ideal for groups between 2 and 12 passengers. These aircraft are renowned for their robust design, proven abilities on bush airstrips and reliability record.

The diversity of our fleet enables Tropic Air to offer many aviation services - from air charters and private flights, to task-specific aviation support services.

@ Anthony Pecchi for Airbus

Airbus H125

We operate five Airbus H125 (AS350B3) helicopters – they are the best in their field with superior performance in extreme environments.  Flights are low level with the doors often wide open, forward facing seats, maximum comfort and head sets for easy communication.

Capacity: 5 passenger seats and 1 pilot

Speed/ Distance:  115 knots per Nautical Mile @ full weight

Endurance:  3.5 hours (including 30 minutes reserve)

Emergency call-out:  Mobilisation within 30 minutes.

Heli Safaris
@ Anthony Pecchi for Airbus

Airbus H130

In 2018 we added one brand new H130 helicopter to our fleet.  It can accommodate 6 passengers in the large roomy cabin.  It has the latest technology with state of the art avionics, superb operational performance, and offers greater capabilities in medevac cover as well as safari explorations.  

6 passenger seats and 1 pilot

(2 passengers – center and front right, 4 in the rear, all forward facing)

Cruise Speed: 130 knots 

Endurance: 3.8 hours 

Cessna Grand Caravan

Grand Caravan

The Cessna Caravan is the best-selling, most-flown airplane ever with a reputation as the safest general aviation aircraft ever built.  It is instrument rated, and able to fly in all weather conditions, night and day. With its large interior, these aircraft are also ideal for medical evacuations.

Capacity: 12 passenger seats and 1 pilot

Take off distance:  800 meters

Endurance:  6 hours

Emergency call-out:  Mobilisation within 30 minutes.

Cessna Caravan in Samburu, waiting for passengers

'Baby' Caravan

Seats up to 6 pax in extreme comfort, with great visibility out of the large windows. It has a slightly shorter body than the Grand Caravan.  Its turbine engine is efficient in fuel consumption, and this aircraft is versatile in all weather conditions.

Capacity: 6 passenger seats and 1 pilot

Take off distance:  800 meters

Endurance:  6 hours

Emergency call-out:  Mobilisation within 30 minutes.

Cessna 182 flying over Laikipia, Northern Kenya

Cessna 182

Light engine light aircraft, ideal for 1 or 2 pax. Its high wing position allows excellent visibility for the passengers and it is comfortable, reliable and versatile.

Capacity: 2 passenger seats, one empty seat and 1 pilot

Take off distance:  600 meters

Endurance:  5 hours

Ideal for passenger and luggage flights, however it is not able to fly at night in emergency cases.


Private Flights