A different kind of flying!

Nov 9, 2023

In August history was made – not only for two daring Red Bull wingsuit athletes, but also for Mount Kenya, as the first ever tandem wingsuit jump took place.  Román (Spanish) and Álvarez (Chilian) launched from the open doors of a Tropic Air helicopter at 18,000 feet, souring over the dramatic landscape up to 230 kilometers per hour, and safely landing at Lake Michaelson! A great deal of logistics was involved to coordinate this task, and factors such as weather and altitude are essential for consideration.

Wingsuit flying, a variation of skydiving, propels athletes through the air at astonishing speeds, made possible by the use of webbed-sleeved jumpsuits (and parachutes for landing), requiring impeccable body control and balance.

Tropic Air was thrilled to be part of this incredible event, witnessing another form of flying – we thought we’d seen it all!