Sky Islands of Northern Kenya

Aug 26, 2021

A vast contrast from the red and yellow deserts that dominate northern Kenya, are a range of ancient crystalline Precambrian rocks, mostly granites which are extremely durable, and for this reason, the steep ranges some reaching over 2,500m, are left standing despite the relentless cycles of erosion influencing the region for centuries. On the summit are pristine evergreen montane forests, that thrive from the dependable morning mist.

We land here on the side of Mount Nyiro occasionally, to escape the heat of the deserts, and to take in the views – which never seize to take ones breath away. The Samburu nomadic pastoralist also scale the steep sides with their livestock to find grazing and a refuge during the toughest of dry seasons.

On this particular day, we had with us the Joe Muriithi – a Nanyuki-Based professional Mountaineer and adventure photographer – documenting our helicopter flight.