Kidepo National Park – Uganda

May 22, 2019

A week by helicopter in Uganda

First stop: 2 nights in Kidepo National Park, located in the north-eastern most corner of this most wonderful country in eastern Africa.

From the base of Apoka Lodge, a Wildplaces Africa property, we explored the savannah plains – a 1,440km2 wilderness with two river systems (Kidepo and Narus), surrounded on all sides by distant hills and mountains, and with a rich diversity of wildlife and birdlife.

The scenery alone is spectacular, yet its remoteness (Uganda’s least visited park), density of buffalo, herds of giraffe and elephant, the iconic sausage trees and the vast borassus palm forests, all add to the appeal.

Buffalo, Kidepo National Park

Elephants at Kidepo National Park, Uganda

Helicopter in Kidepo, Uganda

All photos @ Ricardo Ferreira, Manager of Apoka Lodge