Helicopters in remote north of Kenya @ Paolo Parazzi

Heli Solutions

Tropic Air has unrivalled experience in providing aerial support for oil and gas exploration, seismic, geological, geothermal, and aeromagnetic missions, providing flights for cargo, equipment and personnel. Areas of operation include inaccessible and remote parts of Kenya, Ethiopia, Madagascar and the Congo. Supporting logistics for complex operations requires flexibility and adaptability, with specific considerations for unplanned and emergency flights.

Suguta Valley @ Paolo Parazzi

Skills and proficiency in the field

Our pilots have special skills in long-lining and human external cargo. We also have in-depth understanding of the terrain and key topographical factors that can significantly affect major decision-making. For technical or personnel requirements, we can mobilise our Cessna Caravan and Squirrel AS 350 B3 (or a combination of the two) dependent upon location and nature of the task.

Recent projects and partners

Tullow Oil in the Turkana Rift Basin
Potsdam University students in the Suguta
Geothermal Development Company in Northern Kenya
Ramani Geosystems for Aerial Mapping
Sander Geophysics for Magnetic Gravitational surveys
Lake Charla in Southern Kenya, long lining task for the construction of a barge with geological team
Oil & Gas exploration in Arba Minch and Adigala, Ethiopia

Heli Specifications

5 passenger seats and 1 pilot
115 knots per Nautical Mile
3.5 hours endurance
Mobilisation within 30 minutes from emergency call-out

Support Equipment

Baskets for equipment
Sling capacity of 1000kgs
Line for Human External Cargo
First Responder medical kit
MIBS stretcher & spinal board

Emergency Flights

In addition to heli support, our Cessna Caravans's are ideal for emergency situations. Up to 7 hour endurance, exceptional performance, operational night and day.