Karoli Springs in the Kaisut Desert – home to the Rendille people of Kenya

Jul 25, 2018

Spending time with the beautiful people of the Kaisut Desert of Northern Kenya.  Semi nomadic, with livestock being central to their traditions, the Rendille wear strikingly colourful fabrics and beaded jewellery

Rendille Donkeys, Northern KenyaThe Rendille traditionally live in the remote hostile deserts of northern Kenya, and their lives revolve around the natural cycle of the seasons, traveling en-masse with their enormous herds of livestock, following the rain in search of new pasture and water. 

Water pools in the Kaisut Desert

Rendille Ladies in the Deserts of Northern KenyaVisiting the Rendille is just one of the very special cultural encounters, part of our helicopter adventures, that are tailored into our itineraries.