Search and Rescue

Heli Safaris and Excursions

Epic helicopter journeys exploring corners of Africa that few have been to, or even ever heard of.

Aerial Filming and Photography

Opportunities for aerial filming in East Africa are next to none, and Tropic Air provides an outstanding aerial filming platform for wildlife documentaries and feature films.

Geo Survey Support

Tropic Air provides helicopter support to geo-survey teams working within remote and challenging areas of East Africa.

Wildlife Conservation

We neighbour some of Kenya’s most successful wildlife conservation areas, and we are committed to support wildlife conservation initiatives.

Kenya Helicopter Rescue and Emergency Evacuations

Tropic Air has extensive experience in supporting and conducting medical evacuations throughout Kenya; our helicopters are ideal for the more remote and inaccessible regions. For medical evacuations (casevac) off Mount Kenya, Tropic Air is the first port of call and together with the Kenya Wildlife Service, we have established six recovery locations accessible by helicopter.

Tropic Air helicopter carrying out a search and rescue mission on Mount Kenya

Qualified and Experienced

All our pilots are First Aid trained, with specific focus on ‘first person on the scene’ medical response. The training is conducted by Will Harris – a designated instructor and examiner for the “First Person on the Scene (FPOS) Medical Response Course and a UK state registered paramedic.

Such training provides our pilots with the skills to carry out immediate life support at the scene of an accident and to fully support the Flying Doctor Service.

Medical training for Tropic Air pilots

We have an excellent track record in providing medical evacuation services for the British Army Training Units in Kenya. We are also renowned for quick mobilisation of air evacuations – imperative when time is a factor.