Wildlife Conservation

Air Charters

Private air charters between lodges and camps in Kenya’s wilderness and wildlife areas.

Scenic Flights / Safaris

Pilot-guided, tailored safaris, covering the most exclusive and exhilarating places in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Aerial Filming & Photography

Our aircraft are fitted with a tilting camera mount attached onto the strut, specifically for aerial filming.

Medical Evacuation

Experienced in conducting medical evacuations in Kenya, with a reputation for quick mobilisation.

Wildlife Conservation Aerial Support, Kenya

Tropic Air is committed to supporting wildlife conservation initiatives throughout Kenya wherever possible. We regularly provide aerial support in conservation related missions, such as wildlife translocations, poaching related tasks and darting elephant and rhino for tracking. Quick mobilisation is key in many incidences. Our Caravan aircraft have flown some unique cargo, including orphaned baby rhino and elephant.

Wildlife translocation support

Recent Project

Recently, Tropic Air flew a 150kg, 10 month old Black Rhino from Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to Ol Jogi to meet the eye vet, in the hope that his sight can be restored through surgery.

Baby black rhino off to see the specialist eye vet

Organisations and Conservancies that we support:

Supporting Kenya Wildlife Service efforts to curb poaching in Northern Kenya, Tropic Air has become a key partner in mobilising an ‘anti poaching rapid response team’ to hot spot areas.

The team consist of Kenya Police Reservists employed by Ol Pejeta Conservancy and deployed at the request of local authorities with support from Space for Giants.