Deserts & Lakes of Northern Kenya

Feb 27, 2018

Want to see some of the most remote and extra ordinary landscapes that this country has to offer?

By helicopter, we offer scenic flights through the Suguta Valley from Lake Baringo to Lake Turkana – the largest desert lake in the world!  With the freedom to touch down along the way, we fly over crocodile pools, salt pans, lava flows, through the ‘painted valley’ to the sand dunes, and onto the flamingo shares of Lake Logipi.  Part of the Gregory Rift – with massively contrasting and constantly changing landscapes – the Suguta Valley and all that comes with it, is a truly amazing corner of Kenya.  Photos: February 2018

Crocodile Pools, Suguta

Chalbi Desert, lone sand dune

Lave flows on the edge of Lake Logipi


Suguta, Sand dunes