About Us

Fixed Wing Services

Tropic Air is the only air charter company based in Northern Kenya, operating private flights throughout Kenya. We are perfectly positioned to respond to and support emergency flights in the remote north of Kenya.

Helicopter Services

With our knowledge and experience, we offer supreme helicopter services within Kenya and East Africa; helicopter safaris and excursions, aerial filming tasks, geo survey support, wildlife conservation initiatives, and search and rescue missions.

Tropic Air, Kenya – Helicopter and Charter Flights

Over 20 years, Tropic Air has developed into a leader in the Kenyan aviation sector. Widely recognised as a professional and successful air charter company operating from its base in Kenya, Tropic Air offers a broad range of services. Beyond private air charter services, flights and flying safaris, Tropic Air is experienced in a range of specialist air missions and tasks, using both helicopters (we are pioneers in helicopter safaris) and fixed wing aircraft. Services are offered in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia. Download our Company Profile PDF Doc.

Our Contacts


T: 020 203 3032 / 3
T: 0722 207 300 / 0434 333 044
F: 020 214 4404