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Naitodo – the very sport that Attenborough stood
.. when he launched BBC’s Africa series. We often touch down here for a moment to take in the incredible views all around, and to enjoy this spiritual site, which means ‘needle’ in Samburu.  It’s one of northern Kenya’s most iconic landmark, with these incredible giant rocks that seems so perfectly arranged on top of the hill. On this occasion we took off from Laikipia, and for a birds-eye view of the remote northern landscapes from the helicopter, flying along the course of the Ewaso Nyiro River, which was in flood (a rare...

Quest to become an airline pilot!
Captain Mike Kibe, our fixed wing pilot for the last 2 years, has moved on to pursue his flying career on twin engine aircraft. He initially came to Nanyuki Airfield as a flying instructor for the Nairobi Flight Training‘s new branch. Shortly after, Mike joined Tropic Air full time, whilst continuing to run the flight school. In making the most of life upcountry, Mike surprised us all when he, with no experience, took on the challenge of summiting Mount Kenya highest peak – Batian, making it to Nelion – 5,188 meters, just...

For the forests of Mount Kenya
For the last 14 years, the Mount Kenya Trust has coordinated a one-of-its-kind event – the ‘10 to 4 Mountain Bike Challenge’, where athletes and adventure enthusiasts take place in a choice of 6 events, held over 3 days. What started off as a small fund raising initiative, has now become the main event that supports the forest and community conservation work of the Mount Kenya Trust. An incredible initiative that brings together a network of government bodies, conservation organisations and philanthropists, to protect the indigenous forests and wildlife...

Flying support in the Congo
The Congo, a much forgotten part of our continent, where people have suffered from decades of internal conflict, lawlessness and poverty, we spent 3 weeks with a team of Belgium Doctors, and their film crew, documenting the reality of under-resourced medical facilities and rural outreach clinics. Sten Potgieter, our Cessna Caravan pilot, carried out this mission, flying for a total of 35 hours, encountering some electric storms and interesting bushstrips along the way. He flew over some incredible landscapes including the Rwenzori Mountains, the rainforests of the Virungas, and...

Tribute to Roger Gower
On 29th January, Roger Gower, only 37 years old, was shot and killed by elephant poachers in Tanzania’s Serengeti region, whilst piloting an R44 helicopter on an anti-poaching mission. He was flying for a cause he greatly believed in, and has been called a ‘true hero’ by many. We are devastated by the loss, and are grateful that we got to know Roger well during his 4 and half years at Tropic Air, firstly as a line pilot and then as Chief Helicopter Pilot, leaving just last August to...

Rhino rescue support
Poaching is a problem rife throughout Africa. Late last year, there was an attempted rhino poaching incident on Ol Pejeta Conservancy, in Laikipia. This young rhino was spotted by the conservancy rangers.  He had been darted (from the ground) with poison – a new tactic that the poaches in Kenya are adopting. The anti poaching rapid response team was called for assistance, together with the Tropic Air helicopter, which is key in getting the team mobilised to the site quickly! Thankfully, with quick action and response, the young rhino recovered...

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Featured Photo Anti-poaching Training, June 2015 ©PeteNewland
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