World’s toughest Marathon!

Helicopter Support for the Lewa Marathon, Kenya

One of the worlds toughest marathons, most famous for its wild location, took place over the weekend at Lewa, Northern Kenya. #safaricommarathon #runningwild


Tropic Air was thrilled to support the event, providing 2 helicopters for medical evacuation backup and to clear wildlife off the running track. This year we had a #rhino and a curious #buffalo on the track.


© Andrew Elwes

It was great to see one of our pilots running (Eston) and another providing ground support (Lorian).

The Safaricom Marathon raises funds for communities in Northern Kenya with a focus on sustainable development, education, healthcare, and also for wildlife conservation initiatives.


Tropic Air is located in Nanyuki, and has a helicopter and fixed wing division. We offer a range of aviation services, including private air charters, flying safaris and helicopter excisions. Tropic Air is experienced in specialist flying tasks such as medivac and search and rescue, anti-poaching / wildlife conservation support, aerial filming, and geological / oil and gas survey.