Tropic Air supports Elephants Without Borders

Supporting Wildlife Conservation, by Helicopter

With the Africa-wide poaching crisis severely impacting our elephants and rhinos, Tropic Air is evermore keen to support wildlife conservation initiatives, wherever possible.


Being perfectly located at the foot of Mount Kenya near Nanyuki town – the gateway to some of Kenya’s best managed conservation areas and National Reserves – Tropic Air is the first port of call for aerial wildlife support in Northern Kenya. Beyond Kenya, we have a great deal of experience in airborne wildlife conservation missions in Ethiopia and Congo.

Tasks include poaching incidences, darting, collaring and monitoring, wildlife translocations, and orphan rescues. Such support very often comes without notice and immediate mobilization is key. We aim to be airborne within 30 minutes of receiving the call.


Earlier this month, we were thrilled to work with Elephants Without Borders, supporting by helicopter the Great Elephant Census, in Ethiopia.

Four elephants were successfully darted from our helicopter and fitted with GPS collars to help monitor their movements, vital for the long term conservation of the species and their habitats. The project was sensitive and we respect the need to keep details confidential.