Timeless journeys in Sudan

Sudan by Helicopter – Africa Adventures

Once a powerful presence in Northern Africa, the ancient kingdom of Nubia, now called Sudan, is endowed with priceless secrets of forgotten existence buried beneath mounds of red brick rubble.


Modern day Sudan is fascinating for so many reasons. A fusion of African, Egyptian & Mediterranean culture, its history greatly influenced by the Nile. Ancient pyramids and temples, set within spectacular wild desert landscapes, back to 1500 BC when Egyptian pharaohs conquered Nubia.

We are extremely excited about new heli-tourism prospects in Sudan, keeping to our philosophy of offering specialised and classic helicopter journeys, uncovering Africa’s greatest places whilst offering true adventure. With thanks to the Italian Tourism Co we were invited on a recce safari to experience Sudan for the first time. Here are a few photos of the trip.

Kiosk of Naga
Kiosk of Naga – Meroitic temple dating back to 12BC.

The Temple dedicated to Amon – the most prominent God in Nubia – Built between 12BC and 12AD.

IMG_3519 necropolis Meroe

The Nubian Pyramids of Meroe are some of Sudan’s most iconic. Built by the rulers of the ancient Kushite Kingdoms, the pyramids are solid and erected over burial chambers and monuments.

IMG_3718-Old Dongola
The Coptic temple of Old Dongola with marble columns was founded in the 5th century, in the far north of Sudan.


Tropic Air Managing Director Jamie Roberts with his nephew Richard (left) of Roberts Safaris at the ancient Necropolis of Nuri, April 2014.