Through the eyes of our pilots


KENYA, February 2015 

Bush flying – through the eyes of our pilots!

Are you following us on INSTAGRAM?  Here are just a few of the fun snapshots that we have shared over the last couple of weeks.    All taken by our pilots, during their day to day flights! It’s so much fun seeing things through their eyes .. reminding us of the diversity, beauty and unpredictability that this corner of Africa has to offer.


For 25 years, Tropic Air’s Cessna aircraft and helicopters have soared the skies of East Africa.   From our base at Nanyuki Airfield, on the equator in Kenya, Tropic Air operates a fleet of Cessna aircraft and Eurocopters – offering tourism flights, oil & gas support, cargo flights, casevac, wildlife conservation and aerial filming.

Tropic Air is a privately owned aviation business, small and intimate, where the sky is the only limit!