The events the impacted our year

Roger Gower and the helicopter with school children2016 started with the tragic news that our former helicopter pilot and friend Roger Gower lost his life in an anti-poaching flying task in Tanzania. (Photo credit Georgina Goodwin of Roger’s last safari with Tropic Air in January 2016 shortly before he was killed).

And with this, 2016 was diverse, but with many good times that followed.

We flew TV personality Gordon Buchanan who was filming and presenting a new BBC series ‘Elephant Family and Me’ in Tsavo National Park. For 2 days Madonna and her family were on board our choppers, in Samburu. We went Tiger Fishing in Tanzania and on countless occasions fished for Rainbow Trout in the alpine lakes of Mount Kenya. Dozens of sick and fallen climbers were successfully airlifted off Mount Kenya. We conducted an anti-poaching heli demonstration with sniffer dogs and the Rapid Response team of rangers at the ‘Giants Summit’ in Laikipia, where African leaders and conservationists from around the world gathered to make a stand for Africa’s elephants. We translocated 3 orphan and abandoned baby elephants to safety – each had a heartbreaking story and now a hope of a future. We met some extraordinary tribal people including the Bushman of the Kalahari and Hadza of Tanzania. And we explored so many amazing places and piloted safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Ethiopia, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia.

Thank you for a year of great support – and here’s to a better 2017!