Rhino Month!

Baby black rhino off to see the specialist eye vet

In February, Tropic Air flew a 150kg, 10 month old Black Rhino being from Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to Ol Jogi to meet the eye vet, in hope that his sight can be restored through surgery.  Nicky was born blind, and is being hand reared at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.   He has a care giver dedicated to him 24 hours a day!  Sadly the operation wasn’t possible, so ‘Nicky’ will remain in captivity for life.

Baby rhino

Two weeks later we rescued a 6 week old Black Rhino from Ol Pejeta Conservancy.  He was was found cowering besides his dead mother, who had been brutally poached during the night.  Hard to imagine how traumatic those 12 hours were – and against all instincts having to relinquish himself to man.   But, … (name) is now being hand reared at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and is thriving.