So many orphan elephants in northern Kenya .. is it the drought?

Over the last week we have airlifted 2 orphan elephants to a new sanctuary in Samburu.

9th November:  We airlifted an orphan baby elephant to safety after he was found with his dead mother, killed by a gunshot wound, in Shaba, Northern Kenya. Abandoned by the rest of the herd, he would not have survived alone through the nights with the dangers of hyena and other predators. He will now be hand raised and released back into wild herds when he is old enough. He’s a strong, healthy and feisty little thing and we so much look forward to him being one of  Samburu’s big tuskers in the future.

Baby elephant rescued by helicopter after his mother was shot, northern Kenya.

17th November:  Another little orphan rescued! This tiny 4 or 5 month old baby elephant was abandoned in Nasalot Conservancy in Northern Kenya. We don’t know what happened to his mother, but are greatful that he is now in good hands of an elephant sanctuary where he’ll be raised and eventually released into the wild. Thank you Batian Craig and the Running For Rangers team for their dedication and commitment to conservation and anti-poaching in Kenya. Thanks also to the NRT scouts and KWS for their involvement in this rescue.

Baby Elephant airlifted to safety by Cessna Caravan

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