Quest to become an airline pilot!

Captain Mike Kibe, our fixed wing pilot for the last 2 years, has moved on to pursue his flying career on twin engine aircraft.

He initially came to Nanyuki Airfield as a flying instructor for the Nairobi Flight Training‘s new branch. Shortly after, Mike joined Tropic Air full time, whilst continuing to run the flight school.

In making the most of life upcountry, Mike surprised us all when he, with no experience, took on the challenge of summiting Mount Kenya highest peak – Batian, making it to Nelion – 5,188 meters, just 100m short of the summit due to bad weather. A technical climb, which takes a lot of strength and determination, and where, for the first time, Mike touched snow!

For the last 2 years Mike has been a credit to Tropic Air. He accumulated over 1000 flying hours in our Cessna aircraft, and we can’t wait to see him fulfill his dream to becoming an airline pilot.

Mike_Kibe_IMG_5038Photo:  Doungu Smith

Tropic Air is an air charter company, opening private flights throughout Kenya and East Africa