Quad-biking heli-camping Combo!

There is no better way to truly experience Africa – than sleeping under the starry sky listening to sounds of the night creatures, a log fire roaring near by (or is it the lions)!


Quad_Biking_Kenya_IMG_5326Heli-camping in a remote mobile private fly camp with simple mosie-net style tents combined with quad biking and buggie riding fun – has to be one of the most thrilling and unforgettable adventures. Tropic Air Helicopters and Lattitude Adventures Africa have joined forces to offer the ultimate combo of style, simplicity, discovery and nature in one!


From the base of a simple fly camp, set on the shady banks of a sandy river bed, under the canopy of acacia trees, we explore the arid landscape and its amazing wildlife on quad bikes and buggies.

Quad_kenya_IMG_8164_1 helicopter_kenya_IMG_4820Locations include private sites within community conservancies in Samburu.  More about this thrilling heli-safari concept here!