Primates and tropical rain forests – UGANDA!

Two extraordinary primates, two spectacular tropical rain forests – UGANDA by helicopter!

Africa’s highest diversity and density of primates are found within Uganda’s protected forests.

Kibale Forest National Park in western Uganda, is home to a highly protected population of Chimps, that exceed 1,450 individuals.

Mother and Baby chimpanzee, Kibale

Accompanied by rangers, we trek from the Park HQ through the lush evergreen rainforest in search of the habituated group of 33. Walking for several hours, we also have the chance to see some of the other 12 other species of primates found here – red tailed monkeys, colobus monkeys and olive baboons .. whilst also enjoying the thriving and colourful bird life.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest lies within the remote Kigezi highlands within the Virunga Volcano mountain range, in south western Uganda. Dense, rich and primeval, the Bwindi Impenetrable forest, as its name suggests, is only accessible by foot.

A region of tremendous beauty that is best known for its Mountain Gorilla. This highly endangered, charismatic primate is the flagship species that has enthused the conservation of the entire array of wildlife and habitat that make up this unique part of the planet.

Baby Mountain Gorilla, Bwindi, Uganda

Mountian Gorilla, Uganda

Half the world’s population of Mountain Gorilla are resident in Bwindi – the 340 individuals are constantly monitored for their protection. In the company of experienced guides, guests have the privileged opportunity to trek in search of the ‘Nkuringo’ and ‘Rushaga’ groups, with 20 and 26 gorillas respectively.

Gorilla Trekking, Uganda

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