Oil & Gas Aerial Support

Geo Survey Support

Tropic Air’s aircraft resources, experience, local knowledge and networks, means that we can provide cost effective air transport and logistical solutions to meet varied and often complex requirements.

We pride ourselves on great flexibility, timely response, and resourcefulness.

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T: 020 203 3032 / 3
T: 0722 207 300 / 0434 333 044
F: 020 214 4404

Survey and Exploration Helicopter Support, Kenya, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Congo

Offering fixed wing and helicopter services, Tropic Air has been operating in East Africa since 1993. We have unrivalled experience in air and ground operations, supporting Geological, Geothermal, Seismic, Natural Oil and Gas Exploration, and Aeromagnetic tasks. In Northern Kenya, Tropic Air has aircraft fuel located at more than 6 locations and we are able to support lengthy survey tasks in this remote and challenging region. Beyond Kenya, we have worked in Southern Ethiopia, Madagascar and the Congo DRC.

We provide the following professional air services in support of Oil Exploration and Geo-Survey missions:

Scheduled Charter Flights

Our Cessna Caravan, with a seating capacity of 12 pax (load capacity of 1000kgs) is an ideal aircraft for moving people and cargo. These aircraft have a 7.5 hour endurance, and are great performers in hot and dusty conditions typical of Northern Kenya.

Unscheduled Emergency Response flights

For technical or medical requirements, we can mobilise our Cessna Caravan and Eurocopter AS 350 B3 (or a combination of the two dependent upon location and nature of the emergency). Mobilisation Time from base is 30 minutes, allowing for flight plan and pre-flight checks.

Helicopter Support

Our Eurocopter AS 350 B3’s are ideal for survey tasks in remote locations, where the road network is poor or non-existent. It allows for multiple landings, enabling the team to cover a wide area in a time-effective manner.

Special Skills

Our helicopter pilots are proficient in Long Lining and conducting Human External Cargo flights. We have baskets for geo survey equipment, and a sling capacity of 1000kg.