New skills in Helicopter Longline Rescue


Tropic Air is widely recognised as the best aviation company to undertake complicated and high-risk search and rescue missions in the north of Kenya. Being perfectly located at the foot of Mount Kenya, we have worked closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) for over a decade. Rescue missions on Mount Kenya have included fallen climbers, searching for lost persons and recovering bodies in fatal cases.

We are now ready to take our rescue capabilities to the next level!

In partnership with KWS, we aim to build an effective rescue team, with the capacity to undertake Human External Cargo operations – ‘HEC’ or Longline Rescue! It’s an essential life saving skill, that requires exceptional piloting and the highest of safety standards.

Photos: Ben Simpson (heli pilot) with Michael Spencer (medic and ‘HEC’ expert) on the line!


Our helicopter pilots are already proficient in Longlining from geosurvey and seismic tasks. So, after four weeks of training, we performed a simulated rescue with a medic and stretcher, on a longline under the helicopter.

We still have a way to go before Tropic Air is ready to carry out such rescue missions. In partnership with Remote Medical International and Kenya Wildlife Service Mount Kenya rescue team, we hope that by January 2014 Longline Rescue will be a valuable service that Tropic Air can offer.