New runway for Nanyuki Airfield

New runway for Nanyuki Airfield


Work to re-surface and extend the runway at Nanyuki Airfield is underway.

Kenya Airports Authority, with contractors Doch Company Limited, have started the task, which will be no easy feat. The aim is to re-surface the existing strip, extending it to 1200 meters in length and three times is current width.

The existing state of the runway is very poor, with tarmac patchwork and countless potholes, and despite Tropic Air’s efforts over the past 20 years to maintain, has become beyond repair. We are very excited about the new development.


Nanyuki Airfield, being a vital hub, linking northern Kenya with Nairobi and the Maasai Mara, handles about 200 landings a month. On some mornings as many as 20 aircraft land here.

At no time can this facility be closed down, and therefore a temporary murram runway and apron needs to be built, before the existing one can be re-done.



Not only is Nanyuki Airfield essential for Kenya’s tourism, but also for the horticultural industry, search and rescue / emergency flights, and anti-poaching aerial support tasks. Tropic Air developed Nanyuki as its base in the early 90’s, and the facility is also used daily by air scheduled operators including Air Kenya and Safari Link.