New medical equipment for our community

Nanyuki Cottage Hospital has been donated two ultrasound machines, and for the first time ever, will be able to carry out ultrasound services to its patients.

Medevac_kenya_tropic_air_fly1Above:  Jamie (Tropic Air MD), and Dr Finn Mathiesen in the pre-natal care at Nanyuki Cottage Hospital.

The machines have been donated and installed by Danish Dr Finn Mathiesen and for the next 3 days he has dedicated his time and expertise to train the Doctors, nurses and midwives at Cottage Hospital.

Tropic_Air_medicalTwo ultrasound machines at the beginning of their journey in Denmark (left), and arriving at Nanyuki Cottage Hospital (right).

Being our local hospital and first port of call for all medical services for both our personnel and for medevac patients, Tropic Air is delighted to have supported the freight costs of these machines from Denmark to Nanyuki.

Medevac_kenya_tropic_air_fly2The team of nurses and doctors receiving one of the 2 ultrasound machines, with Jamie Roberts.

Tropic Air is an air charter company operating private and helicopter flights from Nanyuki Airfield.  We also carry out emergency medical flights within Northern Kenya and beyond.