New frontiers, Southern Afar – Ethiopia

In the southern end of the Afar region of Ethiopia, Tropic Air Helicopters visits for the first time, the beautiful Afar people. Despite never seeing visitors here before, they are incredibly hospitable and open. Their traditions and customs are completely authentic and unaffected by the modern world and influences.

Afar_People_Ethiopia© Ben Simpson

In the company of Abaca Explorations, we stay at their mobile camp in the Yangudi Rassa National Park to discover a number of hidden gems.

This hardly developed semi-desert National Park, is a safe haven for a number of endangered species – the wild ass, Gerenuk, Sommerring’s gazelle, Beisa Oryx, Grevy’s Zebra and Hamadryas baboon.


Tropic Air operates tailored helicopter safaris and adventures throughout East Africa. The helicopter allows us to follow the most scenic routes, over wild, otherwise inaccessible landscapes, and to touch down spontaneously in some of the most spectacular settings.