Meet our helicopter pilots ..

Ben Simpson

Ben Simpson, helicopter pilot for Tropic Air Kenya

Ben is one of Tropic Air’s founding fixed-wing pilots, and he has been instrumental in establishing the company’s helicopter division, now a leader in providing world-class helicopter services throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Much of Ben’s work includes customised helicopter adventures and safaris – delivering a thrilling wilderness experience, flying cameras for natural history documentaries, including the BBC’s award-wining ‘Africa’ series, and carrying out complex mountain rescue and medical evacuation tasks.

Jamie Roberts

Jamie Roberts, helicopter pilot for Tropic Air Kenya
In 1993 Jamie established Tropic Air – now a leader in the East African aviation sector, offering a broad range of aviation services.

Jamie is an experienced fixed wing and rotor wing pilot, with extensive natural history knowledge and a joyful infectious spirit. In addition to pilot-guiding helicopter safaris, Jamie is competent at flying cameras, and is proud to have had David Attenborough on board, during the making of BBC’s ‘Africa’ series.

Mario Magonga

Mario Magonga, helicopter pilot for Tropic Air Kenya
Ex Kenya Armed Forces, Mario joined Tropic Air in 2008, and as Chief Pilot holds the responsibility of helicopter flight operations, both in the air and on the ground, and crew training.

As a qualifyed Helicopter Instructor Pilot and with broad piloting skills, Mario undertakes a diversity of helicopter tasks, including aerial filming, rescue and evacuation, and wildlife conservation-based missions. Mario has a vast knowledge of East Africa, and has pilot-guided many helicopter safaris.

Roger Gower

Roger Gower, helicopter pilot for Tropic Air Kenya
Roger originally qualified as an accountant before becoming a helicopter pilot in 2004, acquiring both his commercial and instructors license in the States. After gaining a great deal of experience and working as a helicopter instructor for 2 years, Roger moved to East Africa in 2008.

In addition to pilot-guiding many helicopter safaris and excursions, Roger has been the key pilot allocated to supporting the British Army battle groups in Northern Kenya, with tasks thats include clearing live firing ranges, and carrying out medical evacuations.

Hamish Rendall

Hamish Rendall, helicopter pilot for Tropic Air Kenya
Zew Zealand born, Hamish joined Tropic Air in 2006, flourishing in the fixed wing division as a Pilot and Director of Flight Operations. In 2012, Hamish acquired his helicopter commercial license in the States.

Hamish is a talented and professional pilot, with a love for the outdoors. With his deep knowledge of Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia, Hamish offers a thrilling and extensive insight into East Africa’s most exciting places, wildlife and people.