Latest on the Fixed Wing Fleet


A quick reminder about Cessna aircraft fleet – for air charters, aerial support for filming, medical evacuation, flying safaris – in Kenya, Ethiopia and beyond

Cessna 182:

Our smallest plane, filling the popular one and two traveller market.  We always leave the 3rd seat empty to give more personal space and extra luggage allowance, without exceeding ‘weight and balance’ limits. Up to 2 passengers.


Cessna 208 ‘baby’ Caravan:

At 3 months old, this is the newest addition to our fleet, proving to be exceptionally popular. The ‘baby’ caravan seats up to 6 passengers in extreme comfort, with great visibility out of the large windows. It has a turbine engine, is efficient in fuel consumption, and versatile in all weather conditions. 3 to 6 passengers.


Cessna 208 ‘Grand’ Caravan:

We have two beautiful Grand Caravans, both newly branded and refurbished to the highest possible standards, in South Africa. This plane has exceptional performance on East Africa’s bush airstrips, and like the ‘baby caravan’, it can operate in all weather conditions. 7 to 12 passengers.