Highest Known Heli-Rescue off Mount Kenya

This Morning, a mere 700 feet from the peak of Lenana, we rescued a fallen climber as he attempted to summit Mount Kenya’s 3rd highest point. At 15,700 feet, this must be the highest known heli-landing on the mountain, not far off our previous record of landing at Austrian Hut, just below the Lewis Glacier.

Helicopter landing on Mount Kenya

Being so well conversed with the mountain, and experienced at high altitude flying, Tropic Air, for a decade, has been the 1st port of call for helicopter search and rescue missions on Mount Kenya, working closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service Mountain Rescue team, under the capable leadership of Simon Gitau.

These incidences require immediate mobilization and excellent communications with the rescue ranges and medics, and Tropic Air has become renowned for its professional approach and execution of such tasks.

Helicopter Rescue Mount Kenya

We wish a complete recovery to the patient, a British Army soldier, who was on an Adventure Training exercise.