Wildlife Conservation

Heli Safaris and Excursions

Epic helicopter journeys exploring corners of Africa that few have been to, or even ever heard of.

Aerial Filming and Photography

Opportunities for aerial filming in East Africa are next to none, and Tropic Air provides an outstanding aerial filming platform for wildlife documentaries and feature films.

Geo Survey Support

Tropic Air provides helicopter support to geo-survey teams working within remote and challenging areas of East Africa.

Search and Rescue

Experienced in conducting medical evacuations throughout Kenya, and within the more remote and inaccessible regions, such as Mount Kenya.

Conservation Helicopter Support

Being located in the heart of Kenya and neighboring some of Kenya’s most successful wildlife conservation areas, Tropic Air is readily available and experienced in supporting wildlife conservation initiatives by providing helicopter backup. We regularly support wildlife translocations, darting, collaring and poaching incidents in Kenya, working closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service and other wildlife organisations/conservancies. We have also worked extensively with Elephants Without Borders in Ethiopia.

Tropic Air helicopter supports wildlife rescue and relocation of a baby elephant

Recent project

Our most recent project involved the darting of 10 elephants from the Tropic Air helicopter in the Maasai Mara. They were fitted with satellite tracking devices to help better understand their movements, especially with regard to human settlement in the wider Mara and Serengeti ecosystem.


Helicopter support during an elephant darting operation in Maasai Mara

““The services delivered by Tropic Air Helicopters in Gambella were outstanding. Their pilot was excellent and very experienced with wildlife operations.” Sanne van Aarst of HoA