Kenya by Helicopter


A medieval world of historical treasures, with Christian beliefs and practices little changed in thousands of years.


Where the East African savannah meets the West African jungle – Uganda is the ultimate paradise.


Primeval forests, mountain gorilla & erupting volcanoes – exploring by helicopter the treasures of the Congo.


Deserts and mountains best characterize this incredible corner of Africa.

Kenya Helicopter Safaris and Excursions

Kenya is a country of extraordinary landscapes, rich in wildlife and culture. Our helicopter safaris are all tailor made, all unique and all completely exciting. Our trips make the most of the various regions, exploring mountains, lakes, deserts and forests, always following the most scenic routes and touching down wherever possible. Depending on your available time and interests, helicopter itineraries include some of these destinations: Maasai Mara, the Chyulu Hills, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, the Lakes of the Great Rift and the deserts of the North.

View of Lake Turkana, Northern Kenya, from the helicopter

We use the best lodges and camps where possible but occasionally stay in more modest hotels when accessing areas further off the beaten track. The focus is on the overall experience and not always the most luxurious.