Helicopter Excursions


A country of extraordinary landscapes, rich in wildlife and culture.


A medieval world of historical treasures, with Christian beliefs and practices little changed in thousands of years.


Where the East African savannah meets the West African jungle – Uganda is the ultimate paradise.


Primeval forests, mountain gorilla & erupting volcanoes – exploring by helicopter the treasures of the Congo.


Deserts and mountains best characterize this incredible part of Africa.

Helicopter Excursions in Northern Kenya

A morning or a day helicopter excursion through the most remote and interesting parts of Northern Kenya, following scenically spectacular routes with stops in stunning locations for picnics and drinks. These helicopter trips focus on landscapes, wildlife and people, and are tailored to interests. In the hands of our exceptional pilot-guides, our helicopter trips promise to be an unforgettable experience. Open our concept trips, ideal from destinations such as Lewa, Laikipia and Samburu.

Mount Kenya

Dawn flight around the peaks and landing by Lake Michaelson with the opportunity for trout fishing.

Lakes of the Rift Valley

Morning excursion to lakes Bogoria and Baringo: see flamingoes, hot springs and colourful birdlife.

Samburu, the Mathews & Ndotos

Morning excursion, via Ol Lolokwe, to the ancient cycad forest of the Mathews.

Suguta Valley

Day trip, via Silale Crater, through dramatic valleys and over dunes to the blue waters of Turkana.


We also have a helicopter based in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa with our partners Aquarius Aviation. We offer thrilling helicopter excursions, scenic flights and day trips throughout Ethiopia.