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Our Helicopters

Tropic Air, by choice, operates the Eurocopter AS 350 B3.

Its ability to fly in hot and dusty conditions, and its proven performance within high altitude environments (it has landed on the summit of Mount Everest) makes this the ultimate helicopter for Eastern Africa.

Aircraft are fitted with satellite tracking software, pilots are trained in ‘first person on scene’ first aid, and all precautions are carried out to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

  • 5 passengers
  • 360 Nautical Miles
  • 115 knots
  • 3.5 hours endurance

Helicopter Pilots Kenya

Leaving the beaten track behind, we offer an experience of a lifetime. Pilot guided by outstanding personalities that make these helicopter journeys through Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda so fascinating and unforgettable. Our pilots have exceptional piloting skills with extensive flying experience throughout East Africa. All pilots are First Aid trained, with specific focus on ‘first person on the scene’ medical response. Pilots also have expertise in long lining, sometimes necessary in survey and rescue work. Download pilot profile.

Ben Simpson

Director of Helicopter Operations. Ben is committed to delivering a true wilderness experience. Much of Ben’s work outside of tourism involves flying cameras for natural history documentaries.

Jamie Roberts

Founder and Managing Director Tropic Air. Jamie is an experienced fixed wing and rotor wing pilot with a passion for nature and extensive natural history knowledge.

Hamish RendallHelicopter pilot, Tropic Air Kenya

Flight Operations. Hamish has been flying light aircraft commercially for 12 years and in 2012 moved onto helicopters. He has been a much valued member of the Tropic Air team since 2006.

Hoho AndrewHoho_profile_2015Sept1

Line Pilot. Kenya born and raised. Hoho trained in Hawaii and has instructed in Boston for 2 years where he also undertook flying scenic tours and aerial photography missions.

Timmy Flowers

Line Pilot. Ugandan born Timmy qualified in 2011 in New Zealand. For the last 4 years he has been flying helicopters, carrying out Oil & Gas contracts, anti-poaching missions and tourism flights.


Director of Helicopter Operations: Ben Simpson

Founder and Managing Director: Jamie Roberts

Director of Flight Operations: Hamish Rendall