Geo Survey Support

Heli Safaris and Excursions

Epic helicopter journeys exploring corners of Africa that few have been to, or even ever heard of.

Aerial Filming and Photography

Opportunities for aerial filming in East Africa are next to none, and we provide an outstanding aerial filming platform for wildlife documentaries and feature films.

Search and Rescue

Experienced in conducting medical evacuations throughout Kenya, and within the more remote and inaccessible regions, such as Mount Kenya.

Wildlife Conservation

We neighbour some of Kenya’s most successful wildlife conservation areas, and we are committed to support wildlife conservation initiatives.

Geo-Survey Helicopter Support

Tropic Air provides helicopter support to geo-survey teams working within remote and challenging areas of East Africa. We have been involved in such tasks extensively in Kenya, the Congo and more recently Ethiopia. Moving personnel and equipment or providing other logistical support for geological studies, oil exploration and geothermal surveys are tasks that Tropic Air is experienced with. Our helicopter pilots have long lining and Human External Cargo skills. Read more on our Oil & Gas support.

Tropic Air helicopter with longlining for seismic surveys

Recent Project

We have been back in the Suguta Valley with geologists from Potsdam University. By analyzing sediment from ancient lakes and mapping volcanic flows, the scientists aim to reconstruct the region’s environmental history.

Potsdam University geologist with helicopter support from Tropic Air in the Suguta Valley

This study, ongoing since 2007, aims to close a crucial 200km gap in the tectonic and sedimentary records. The data will provide a better understanding of environmental changes in the course of the volcano-tectonic evolution and climate fluctuations during the last five million years. (October 2013)

Tropic Air has recent worked with: