Filming and Photography

Heli Safaris and Excursions

Epic helicopter journeys exploring corners of Africa that few have been to, or even ever heard of.

Geo Survey Support

Helicopter support to geo-survey teams working within remote and challenging areas of East Africa.

Search & Rescue

Experienced in conducting medical evacuations throughout Kenya, and within the more remote and inaccessible regions, such as Mount Kenya.

Wildlife Conservation

We neighbour some of Kenya’s most successful wildlife conservation areas, and we are committed to support wildlife conservation initiatives.

Aerial Photography Africa and Helicopter Filming

Opportunities for aerial filming in East Africa are second to none and Tropic Air provides an outstanding aerial filming platform for wildlife documentaries and feature films. Mostly using a cineflex camera mounted on the nose of the helicopter, Tropic Air has been supporting aerial filming and photography tasks for 10 years. We have been fortunate to work closely with award winning aerial camera specialist Simon Werry, producing many BBC series with the latest being ‘Africa’.

Aerial Filming by Tropic Air helicopter using cineflex camera

Recent Work

“Africa, the world’s greatest wilderness, the only place on earth to see the full majesty of nature”. Sir David Attenborough’s words in the opening scene of the BBC Africa series, which launched earlier this year.

Jamie Roberts with Sir David Attenborough in the Suguta Valley

We provided aerial filming support for this series, 4 years in the making. Our helis featured in the opening scene of the first episode ‘Savannah’ and again in the ‘Eye to Eye’ (behind the scenes) of the final episode ‘The Future’. (Photo: Jamie Roberts with Sir David Attenborough, Suguta Valley)

We supported 10 sequences for the BBC ‘Life’ series – two of which were filmed in Ethiopia involving the amazing Lamageyer vulture and the Simien Wolves. Other works include the aerial sequences for BBC’s ‘Elephant Trilogy’ and ‘Nature’s Great Events’. Tropic Air was also responsible for the aerial shots in ‘African Cats’ Disney Production launched on Earth Day 2011.