For the forests of Mount Kenya

MtKenyaHelicopterBikeChallengeFor the last 14 years, the Mount Kenya Trust has coordinated a one-of-its-kind event – the ‘10 to 4 Mountain Bike Challenge’, where athletes and adventure enthusiasts take place in a choice of 6 events, held over 3 days. What started off as a small fund raising initiative, has now become the main event that supports the forest and community conservation work of the Mount Kenya Trust. An incredible initiative that brings together a network of government bodies, conservation organisations and philanthropists, to protect the indigenous forests and wildlife of Mount Kenya, to support community conservation initiatives and to promote a conservation ethos amongst the people living in the Mount Kenya region.

MountKenya_helicopter_SupportWe were thrilled to once again provide a helicopter to support the 10to4. Piloted this year by our chief helicopter pilot Hamish Rendall, we carried international sports presenter Paul Sherwen, photographer Jeff Waweru, film maker Jimmy Greenwood and Medic Michael Spencer of Remote Medical International. We supported the documentation of the 10to4 to give an aerial view of the events, and to track the competitors in the case of a medical emergency.

We’d like to thank the Mount Kenya Trust for the work they do, in keeping our rich and unique biodiversity safe on Mount Kenya.


© Hamish Rendall, Tropic Air Kenya