Pokot Morning Excursion

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Flying excursion – Pokot People of Northern Kenya

Meet the Pokot people of Northern Kenya with a Tropic Air flying excursion. The Pokot are nomadic pastoralist people – independent and conservative with strong spiritual beliefs and deep-rooted cultural systems of governance. They lead harsh lives, living in a remote parts Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. A privileged meeting with the Pokot is a thrilling and rare experience. Visitors are warmly welcomed into their territories with a traditional dance.

Pokot people of Northern Kenya clap and dance

The Pokot warriors often test their fighting skills with stick fights amongst themselves. Its part martial art, part ritual and part sport.

Two Pokot people test their fighting skills with a stick fight

Excursions can be arranged through your lodge (Laikipia, Lewa, Samburu, Meru) and include private charter flights and a bush breakfast, returning to your lodge before lunch.