Scenic Flights and Safaris

Air Charters

Private air charters between lodges and camps in Kenya’s wilderness and wildlife areas.

Aerial Filming & Photography

Our aircraft are fitted with a tilting camera mount attached onto the strut, specifically for aerial filming.

Medical Evacuation

Experienced in conducting medical evacuations in Kenya, renowned for quick mobilization.

Wildlife Conservation

Committed to supporting wildlife initiatives throughout Kenya, including translocations and poaching related tasks.

East Africa Flying Safaris

Pilot-guided, tailored flying safaris, covering the most exclusive and exhilarating places in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. Experiencing a range of habitats and their wildlife, and learning first hand about the unique conservation initiatives, that never fail to touch anyone lucky enough to experience them.
Whilst also gaining a privileged insight into the remote and colourful tribes that inhabit some of the world’s most arid areas, living harsh and extreme lives, yet always welcoming. Download our flyer.

Our Cessna Caravan Aircraft

Our Cessna Caravan aircraft, which seats up to 8 people, is the ideal plane for these flying safaris. Its wide spacious air conditioned cabin, large windows and unrestricted view make it very popular. The Caravan is capable of taking off from nearly all bush airstrips, made possible by its large wheels, very efficient wing and powerful engine.