Our Fixed Wing Pilots

Our Cessna Aircraft

Tropic Air operates Cessna aircraft exclusively.

Its proven track record as a single engine aircraft, great performance on bush strips and robust design make the Cessna the most suitable planes for East Africa.

It is capable of taking off from nearly all bush airstrips, made possible by the large wheels, very efficient wing and powerful engine. Its wide spacious air conditioned cabin, large windows and unrestricted view make the Caravan very popular with passengers.

Our Fixed Wing Pilots

Experienced pilots, passionate about Kenya – its history, geography, people and wildlife – ensure that air charters are a journey to remember. Committed to delivering a professional air service, Tropic Air’s team of pilots are experienced in ‘bush-flying’ which often involves remote places, rough terrain, and hot, high, dusty conditions. Part of the safari experience and part of the Tropic Air spirit.

Lorian Campbell-Clause

Lorian Campbell-Clause - chief pilot Tropic Air KenyaChief Pilot. Kenyan-born, Lorian gained his Commercial License in California, aged 21, in 2010. Lorian joined Tropic Air in 2012, and was promoted to Chief Pilot in November 2014.

Eston Whitfield

Eston Whitfield - line pilot Tropic Air KenyaLine Pilot. Trained in US, 10 years commercial flying, mostly throughout Eastern Africa. 5 years with Tropic Air, now heading our Nairobi base, managing Oil & Gas flights.

Sten Potgieter

Sten Potgieter - line pilot Tropic Air KenyaLine Pilot: Kenyan with 8 years of commercial flying experience in East Africa. He joined Tropic Air in 2014, having worked for a regional airline, flying jets and heavy turbo-prop aircraft.

Doungu Smith

Doungu Smith - line pilot Tropic Air KenyaLine Pilot: Doungu, born in Kenya and grew up in Garamba, DRC. He gained his flying licence in 2010 and has experience flying in Alaska and East Africa. Doungu joined Tropic Air 2014.

William Dyer

William Dyer - line pilot Tropic Air KenyaLine Pilot: William Dyer is our newest member of the fixed wing team. Will, qualified in the States, comes from a family that have flown in Kenya for the last 70 years.


Managing Director, Jamie Roberts
Mobile Tel: 0724 256700

Director of Flight Ops, Eston Whitfield
Mobile Tel: 0725 720638

Chief Pilot, Lorian Campbell-Clause
Mobile Tel: 0713 777964