Medical Evacuation

Air Charters

Private air charters between lodges and camps in Kenya’s wilderness and wildlife areas.

Flying Safaris & Excursions

Pilot-guided, tailored safaris, cover the most exclusive and exhilarating places in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Aerial Filming & Photography

Our aircraft are fitted are with a tilting camera mount attached onto the strut, specifically for aerial filming.

Wildlife Conservation

Committed to supporting wildlife initiatives throughout Kenya, including translocations and poaching related tasks.

Emergency Evacuations and Rescue – Kenya

Tropic Air has extensive experience in conducting medical and emergency evacuations and rescue in Kenya. We are the first choice provider for Northern Kenya, renowned for quick mobilization and professional air evacuations. Our Caravans carry out both day and night evacuations, and are able to fly in all weather conditions, operating out of bush airfields.  These aircraft are most suited for stretcher cases, allowing space for medics to tend to patients.

Training for air evacuation and medical support in Kenya

All pilots are First Aid trained, with specific focus on ‘first person on the scene’ medical response. Their intimate knowledge of Kenya’s geography, climatic conditions and airfields is key to efficient medevac.

Training for ‘first person on the scene’ medical response in Kenya

We work closely with the Flying Doctors in medical emergency call outs wherever necessary. We have an excellent track record in providing medical evacuation services for the British Army Training Units in Kenya, over the last 14 years.


Emergency Contacts:

  • Jamie Roberts:  (+254) 0724 256700
  • Lorian Campbell-Clause: (+254) 0713 777964
  • Hamish Rendall:  (+254) 0714 888859