Our Cessna Aircraft

Our Pilots

Experienced pilots, passionate about this country – its history, geography, people and wildlife, ensure that air charters are a journey to remember.

  • Lorian Campbell-Clause, Chief Pilot, Kenyan, 4,000 hours, 7 years experience
  • Eston Whitfield, Line Pilot, US, 5000 hours, 12 years experience.
  • Sten Potgieter, Kenyan, 5000 hours, 6 years experience.
  • Doungu Smith, Line Pilot, Kenyan, 1500 hours, 4 years experience.
  • William Dyer, Line Pilot, Kenyan, 1000 hours, 2 years experience.


Cessna Aircraft in Kenya for Charter and Flying Safaris

Tropic Air operates Cessna aircraft exclusively. Its proven track record as a single engine aircraft, great performance on bush strips and robust design, make Cessna aircrafts the most suitable planes for Kenya and East Africa. It is capable of taking off from nearly all bush airstrips, made possible by the large wheels, very efficient wing and powerful engine. With these aircraft we operate private air charter flights and flying safaris throughout Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. We also carry out a range of specialist aerial tasks.

Air borne out of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Cessna Caravan (C208)

The Cessna Caravan is the best-selling, most-flown airplane ever, due to its proven reliability, flight characteristics and reputation as the safest general aviation aircraft ever built. Up to 12 pax.

‘Baby’ Caravan (C208)

Seats up to 6 pax in extreme comfort, with great visibility out of the large windows. It has a turbine engine, is efficient in fuel consumption and versatile in all weather conditions.

Cessna 182 (C108)

The Cessna 182 is a 4 seater, single-engine light aircraft, ideal for 1 or 2 pax. Its high wing position allows excellent visibility for the passengers and it is comfortable, reliable and versatile.

Cessna aircraft taking off from Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Our charter flights link both well-visited and remote tourism destinations. Experienced pilots, passionate about Kenya – its history, geography, people and wildlife – make every effort to ensure flights are enjoyable and part of the safari experience.