Air Charters

Flying Safaris & Excursions

Pilot-guided, tailored safaris, cover the most exclusive and exhilarating places in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Aerial Filming & Photography

Our aircraft are fitted with a tilting camera mount attached onto the strut, specifically for aerial filming.

Medical Evacuation

Experienced in conducting medical evacuations in Kenya, renowned for quick mobilization.

Wildlife Conservation

Committed to supporting wildlife initiatives throughout Kenya, including translocations and poaching related tasks.

Air Charters and Private Flights

A thrilling way to appreciate the diversity of East Africa is from the air. Flying is the perfect way to optimize your safari time, without being limited by distances and time. Tropic Air operates private air charter flights in Kenya and, more recently, also in Ethiopia. Our flights are thrilling, interesting and part of the safari experience. Our new base in Ethiopia, in partnership with Aquarius Aviation, has been an exciting development; we have located aircraft and pilots in Addis Ababa, available for private air charter and cargo flights.  More Details

Tourists board a Tropic Air charter plane at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

C182 Charter flight over Laikipia, Kenya

Info and Bookings

Ruth Marangu
T: 0722 207300 / 0434 333044

Liz Wangare
T: 0722 207300 / 0434 333044

Our charter flights link both well-visited and remote tourism destinations. Experienced pilots, passionate about Kenya – its history, geography, people and wildlife – ensure that air charters are a journey to remember.