Filming and Photography

Air Charters

Private air charters between lodges and camps in Kenya’s wilderness and wildlife areas.

Flying Safaris & Excursions

Pilot-guided, tailored safaris, cover the most exclusive and exhilarating places in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Medical Evacuation

Experienced in conducting medical evacuations in Kenya, renowned for quick mobilization.

Wildlife Conservation

Committed to supporting wildlife initiatives throughout Kenya, including translocations and poaching related tasks.

Aerial Filming and Photography Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia

Experienced in aerial filming and photography throughout Kenya and East Africa, Tropic Air’s aircraft are fitted with a tilting camera mount that fits onto the strut, specifically for aerial filming. Our best examples of wilderness and wildlife aerial filming can be seen in the fabulous BBC’s African Mountain Series – the opening scene of the jagged peaks of Mount Kenya was filmed from our Cessna 206, piloted by Jamie Roberts.


Cameraman Richard Matthews of Wild Images joined forces with Tropic Air for an aerial filming task in the Maasai Mara, for BBC Planet Earth Live series. The only Cinegimbal camera system with approval for flying on light aircraft was fitted to the strut of our Cessna 182.

“Many thanks for all the brilliant flying. Great to be with someone who flies so naturally and can choreograph the shots? Makes all the difference. Hopefully we can do this again in the near future.” Richard Mathews, April 2012

Tropic Air plane with tilted camera mount attached to the strut