Expanding our footprint into Ethiopia


Ethiopia – one of Africa’s most exciting places for landscapes, culture and wildlife, yet so much of it is completely unexplored and untouched.

Over the last 6 years, Tropic Air has thrived in exploring Ethiopia by air. We have ventured into new areas and kept secret some of these most treasured spots. We have perfected our tailored aerial and helicopter safaris, and through these, we offer the authentic Ethiopia.

In partnership with Aquarius Aviation, we now have a Eurocopter and a Cessna Caravan based in Addis Ababa, and offer the following services throughout Ethiopia:

Private air charters
Helicopter excursions & scenic flights
Aerial filming
Geological survey and OGP support
Medivac services

For enquiries and quotes, please contact:

Fre Tessema: fre.tessema@aquariuseth.com
Tel No: +251 911233085
Ben Simpson: ben@tropicairkenya.com / heli@tropicairkenya.com
Tel No: +254 20203 3032 / 3 / +254 722 207 300