Ethiopia’s richest wildlife area – Gambela

Gambela by helicopter

White-eared Kob, Nile Lechwe, elephant, and for the first time a herd of giraffe have been seen here in Gambela, in the south western corner of Ethiopia. Gambela is possibly Ethiopia’s richest wildlife area – a proposed National Park, yet to be formally gazetted.

Gambela Giraffes

It is full of the most amazing diversity of mammals and bird life, each apapted to the many habitats – savannahs, grasslands, riverine forests and flood plains.

Gambela - river Baro

Every year up to a million White-eared Kob put on a migratory spectacle that rivals only the famous wildebeest migration of Eastern Africa. Searching for new pastures, these graceful antelope migrate over 1500km annually, between the wetlands of South Sudan and southern Ethiopia.

Gambela - aerial

Tropic Air was thrilled to support, by helicopter, an important conservation initiative here (more on this to follow). Some of the flying was tricky, to say the least, due to the ash from recent bush fires.

Gambela helicopter