Easter Chicks

Easter Chicks at Nanyuki Airfield, Kenya

On Easter Sunday our two tiny Crowned Plover chicks hatched. Of all places in Africa to build a nest, this pair of Plovers chose the apron of Nanyuki Airfield (on the Equator, Kenya). Right in the middle, where the planes taxi from the runway to the parking area!


Apparently this is not that uncommon – Plovers are notorious for nesting in bizarre places. And its not a first for us at Tropic Air – we are used to them nesting here, and on countless occasions, have flagged the nests to make sure the pilots and ground crew can keep them safe.


It takes about 28 days for Crowned Plover eggs to hatch. How perfect was it that they hatched during Easter.



We hope you all had a great #Easter weekend.