Botanical expedition by helicopter

Helicopter Flight, Northern Kenya

Naturalist Anne Powys of Suyian Soul led a botanical helicopter flight to the Karisia Hills and northern Laikipia.

Anne Powys of Suyan Soul Laikipia leading a botanical helicopter flight in northern Kenya

“One of the most memorable highlights in 2013, I got to ride in a Tropic Air heli for a morning to the North … it does tend to leave one speechless!!! Thank you Tropic for sharing paradise with us!” Anne Powys

Beautiful wild flowers collected during Laikipia botanical helicopter flight, northern Kenya

A few beautiful wild flowers which we found.

Jamie Roberts, Tropic Air Kenya pilot and managing director, helicopter flight northern Kenya

Jamie Roberts piloting the expedition. (Founder and Managing Director, Tropic Air Kenya)

Light refreshments after a morning helicopter flight in Laikipia Kenya

Light refreshments .. Botanical expeditions are hard work! Perfect end to an inspiring morning.

December 2013